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LOOK YOUNGER! w/ Happy Face Yoga Facial Exercises

The full DVD is available at www.HappyFaceYoga.com. Try facial exercises to bring a youthful vitality to your face



  1. @charismapowerdotcom Hi, I just found this video that you commented on about exercising the face. When you say resistence is the key and to put heavy pressure / resistance to each muscle. Do you press lightly on the mustle or when the cheeks are in smiling positiion to press in the opposite direction? (For future reference) do you use anti wrinkle cream to care for your wrinkles?

    It would be great if you could tell me this 🙂

  2. @Sigsac Yes you may be right … I am doing facial exercise .. I am 29 but looks like 22-23 … I do very intelligent exercises of each facial muscle … but I also do care for wrinkles … because you may have wrinkles if you do wrong exercise … Also my suggestion is to put heavy pressure or resistance to each muscle … resistance is the key

  3. Hi, I have done these exact same facial techniques for years now from a video I bought in the late '90s. I have to admit they do work for me. I have noticed you saying that you should do these exercises on a daily basis, but through my own experience, doing them daily started making my face look very tired, even after doing the exercises. So I started doing them 4 to 5 times a week, and noticed the tired look dissappearing. I would suggest giving your face a break two to three days a week.

  4. Thanks. This exercise really helped defined my facial muscles. I noticed cheek muscles have gotten more defined. I have also gotten back the dimples i lost.

  5. Wow i cant believe the muscles on my face actually started to hurt. Its like lifting weights xD

  6. nice video,it worked for me

  7. xD it's funny but it works…

  8. i feel much younger and fresh

  9. My mom is going to be SO happy when I tell her about this 😛

  10. No, this is one of the best facial exercise programs around.

  11. This is fantastic, at last, I can feel my face hurt lol

  12. Man this is awesome! Could you show us the other videos since this one says is part 6……Thank you!!

  13. ouch, it hurts!haha, i love these. when will i start seeing results?:) thanx!

  14. I don't do specific facial exercises but I do full-body exercises, and it seems to work. I've been doing it for eighteen years and I look about ten years younger than my age.
    Did you know that Jack LaLanne used to do exercises like this when he had his own exercise show on TV? I remember it from when I was little and he'd be making funny faces while exercising. Some of them can be found elsewhere on YouTube.

  15. Excellent vid by the way pls post more

  16. Do u just do 1 set of 10 reps a day for cheek lift exercise?

  17. That's so true. I do a set of facial exercises (different from this) and definitely have seen the results. It's key to start sooner rather than later.

  18. Hey my face feels GREAT! Hey!!! send some MORE videos!!

  19. omg it really works its been a week and it feels like i got a face lift!! thanks!!!

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