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How to reduce forehead wrinkles with face yoga


To botox or not to botox, that is the question. The answer? No botox, if face yoga techniques demonstrated by author and yoga teacher Annelise Hagen can work for you.



  1. 1:18 is the tricks to smallen your forehead 😂😂😂

  2. theres NO way its not a tim and eric skit

  3. I have doing this for 18 years now I no they do work just 2 weeks this guy said must no older then 28years old I was really happy about that 😊

  4. This is what I do to remove forehead wrinkles. I just apply radiant beauty to my skin every morning and my crows feet is gone. If you don't have radiantbeauty you can get a free bottle to try here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mAZDp176pB5noBG0kUnhacPDPx8UMpAeOultiiWpp2I/edit?usp=sharing

  5. ok but they obviously both do botox, so why do.they try to fool people?!

  6. I don't have that,but I'll keep doing it so It doesn't appear 😂😂😂😂

  7. Its hilarious how much botox they've both had!!

  8. When Julia Ann got fatter…

  9. put your little sister in front of a big screen monitor and click 1:34

  10. they look like 2 idiots

  11. You can clearly tell both have used botox

  12. Cool, sweet, nice, love it, have some, lovely, funny, proper, excellent, wonderful…

    …does it work????

  13. hi! i an not native english speaker, help me to translate words "dini"?

  14. i think i need a couple of 30 grams dumbells on it

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  16. Excellent face yoga exercises.

  17. Why all the botox then???? You certainly do not believe what you're promoting. Everyone who is looking for a comprehensive tutorial on face exercises go to Renew me channel with Peta

  18. Also, watch the shows on the internet from Howdini. A facial yoga instructor shows and explains how to reduce and or eliminate lines and wrinkles.

  19. Jared leto does face yoga

  20. there is good and natural way

  21. How can I reduce my wrinkles?

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  23. I was just laughing the entire video

  24. I need to get rid of my wrinkles how can I reduce them quickly.

  25. Gotta admit, you can tell the blond is not extra-young, but she has very few wrinkles (and sexy eyes, but that's not relevant right now….)

  26. You h ave no idea how many GIF's I want to make out of this.

  27. Is it exerciser named Facexer on the market? I am looking for please advise

  28. you might also want to check this out

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  31. Isn't tht y her forheads so big??

  32. The interviewer's facial expression when she says "supposed to work" does not make me feel confident in this video. I think it is her way of saying this does not work.  Whats the point?

  33. why does this feel like the Onion?

  34. I couldn't help giggle when I saw the camera man trying the face yoga too.

  35. The hostess looks so bad!! Too much Botox and nasty lip plumper- terrible choice –

  36. Daz_black brought me here… XD

  37. DON'T practice this on a busy train !!!

  38. Hey some people need to lube up before doing this you old hag.

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