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How to Reduce Forehead Wrinkles With Face Yoga-Best Anti Ageing Cream Pura Bella Skin Care

How to Reduce Forehead Wrinkles With Face Yoga-Best Anti Ageing Cream Pura Bella Skin Care
Facial toning, or facial exercise is a type of cosmetic procedure or physical therapy tool which promises to alter facial contours by means of increasing muscle tone, and facial volume by promoting muscular hypertrophy, and preventing muscle loss due to aging or facial paralysis. Facial toning and exercise is therefore in part a technique to achieve facial rejuvenation by reducing wrinkles, sagging and expression marks on the face and skin.[1] As a physical therapy, facial toning is used for victims of stroke and forms of facial paralysis such as Bell’s palsy.[2] Facial toning achieves this by performing facial muscle exercising. There are two types of facial toning exercises: active and passive face exercises.
History[edit] In ancient times, such historical figures as Cleopatra and the Empress of the Imperial Court in China 2,000 years ago[5] were known to use facial exercises to maintain a youthful appearance. Since then, traditional Chinese facial exercises have been used to this day.[6]

The first face exercises were released commercially in a pamphlet in 1710 about a beauty routine that also included formulas for facial creams by Jeanne Sauval. Sauval was the personal attendant of madame Ninon de L’Enclos, the creator of the routine who had died five years before the pamphlet’s release. The courtesan and author Anne “Ninon” de Lenclos wanted to be independent, and had no intention of marrying. Her lifestyle as an unmarried woman with multiple lovers led to her imprisonment in 1656, but was released soon after with assistance from Queen Christina of Sweden. She was well known as a smart and beautiful woman; she died at 84 years old.

Mr. Sanford Bennett’s book Exercising in Bed was published in the early 1900s, using exercises and routines to uncover “the secret of health, strength, elasticity of body and longevity of life,” including a number of exercises for the face.[7] Exercising in Bed is available online with many “before” and “after” clinical examination reports of Mr. Bennett.[8]

Following Sanford Bennett, facial exercises became the next fad with the rise of physical exercise. Advertisements and articles published in magazines featured women contorting their faces to sculpt a more defined face, with headlines like “How to Look as Young as a Girl” and “Make an Ugly Face be Beautiful.”[9] Some names of the era known for using facial exercises included Kathryn Murray, Lillian Russell, Elinor Glyn.[10] Elinor Glyn wrote movie scripts in the 1920s to support her family, but was most famous for pioneering women’s erotic literature. She was admired for her wrinkle-free skin, and wrote a book on facial exercises entitled “The Wrinkle Book”.

After the wars, Jack LaLanne brought a whole new scope to exercise, including face toning and exercise. Opening the first fitness gym in 1936, LaLanne was an exercise guru long before Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons. He lived to be 94, and was still doing face exercises.[citation needed]

The modern style of facial exercise (face pilates and face yoga) was developed in the late 1950s, and popularized in the 1960s by Senta Maria Runge in Face Lifting By Exercise (in its 12th edition as of 2013).[11] Runge’s studio had thousands of testimonials posted on the walls from satisfied customers and television viewers.
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