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How To Get Rid Of Forehead Wrinkles Smooth Out Forehead Lines Forehead Wrinkles | FACEROBICS®

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How To Get Rid Of Forehead Wrinkles Smooth Out Forehead Lines Forehead Wrinkles | FACEROBICS® www.facerobics.com.au

How not to create #FaceWrinkles with this Eye Exercise Update and Banish Forehead Wrinkles.

Facerobics® is a FREE #FaceExercise PROGRAMME that will lift and tone your face. If you practise #facialexercises regularly you will look and feel years younger, more attractive and more confident.

If you do the exercises individually and not along with a full face routine, you will not have success. There is a ton of information on my channel about how to do the exercises, and what not to do also.

Also if you haven’t subscribed already, I would suggest you do so, as I regularly post updated information as the program evolves.

I hope that helps!
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  1. I just love u! 😘 From all us viewers we appreciate you Soo much!

  2. Please tell I will do but nothing same to same

  3. You look like you're in your early thirties WOW!

  4. Leave comment in what box.  I need a step by step process to start my exercises.  Online is confusing.  I would like to have updated versions of step 1 through the last series.  I am 66 years old and looking it.  Can you help.

  5. Hello i m 30 year old can i use these exercises
    will they work in this age

  6. Hi Peta! I notice you are updating many of the exercises. Are you going to eventually update the Exercise Along With Me routines? Since we are supposed to do these lying down, I need to memorize a routine (with updated exercises) so I'm doing the best I can. I've been sitting at my computer and following your routine but I want to be able to lie down and do them. Just wondering.

    I stopped for a couple of months (bad me) and have really noticed a difference in my aging! So, I'm BACK on track as of today following Basic Routine Series 1, Level 1. Thanks for all you do!

  7. Hello Peta … I am 25 years old , should i start now ? what series should I start with and how long should i keep exercising ? greetings from Egypt   <3

  8. Is it okay to feel the back of your head lifting?

  9. I've been trying to remember the press&plant now when I put on my mascara!

  10. Hi Peta!
    I am interested in your face exercises. I have four deep lines between eyebrows (forehead wrinkles) and first I would like to concentrate only for this area to remove wrinkles (it's my main problem area). My question is can I do exercise only for this area or I have to do for all face? My problem is my job starts very early and finishes very late and I don't have time to do exercises for all face. If you say I can do exercises only for forehead wrinkles then which exercises you can suggest me to start? You have many videos for forehead wrinkles in YouTube but I don't know which videos will be good for me, could you please help me to choose exercises.
    Please reply for my question, I really need your help to choose correct exercises. Look forward to hear from you.
    Thank you very much in advance. K'

  11. I went twice to find the muscles of the face… It told me everything about the program; but nothing about the face muscles!
    The calf muscles are the soleous & the Gastrucnemious . I was in pool therapy. Excuse me if I spelled them wrong!

  12. What happens if we do the face exercises at a young age?

  13. Hi Peta! I am very interested in your face exercises, I have some questions about Remove Forehead Wrinkles, How can I contact to you? I couldn't find your email address in your site. Thank you, Kara

  14. Hi Peter. I have hit a problem. I changed my routine to do more for my nasolabial lines and I have over done it and my face has collapsed (I have obviously over done my nasolabial area). What should I do?? Should I do nothing at all and let my muscles rest and repair or should I go back to the original routine. I know it can be undone but I want to do the right thing.
    Thank you for all your wonderful positive energy.

  15. Hi Peta. When you go to the gym for the body, it is necessary to warm the body up at the beginning and to stretch the muscles at the end. Isn't it necessary for the face? Thank you.

  16. Thanku so much, it's really useful 🌹

  17. Hi, Is is necessary to put oil or a cream on the face before doing the series of exercises? Thank you.

  18. I am a very natural girl so I'm glad to find Peta. Good job!

  19. Hi, Peta, Thank You SOOO Much! I have been doing your exercises most everyday now for 6 months. I am rotating through the full face workouts every 6 weeks as you recommend. It is working to an outstanding degree and I am very happy with these workouts. Lately, I have noticed I have been doing the exercises every other day or just 5 times a week. Is this okay or should I be cracking the whip and getting back on track to an every day routine?

  20. Thank you Peta for this video! Have a great week.

  21. Hi! I just found your channel and I'm excited to get started, I found the beginners video but still a question! I'm 21 years old and the corners of my mouth are not very symmetric at all, the RIGHT side slumps down a little more. But, the left cheek and jaw have some more fat/sag to it… So how would I go about your exercises? Since certain parts are not even, do I work out one side until they're more similar? Thank you so much!

  22. hai peta please add a video for get rid of under eye hollows and tear troughs

  23. Peta, Hello, I was wondering if you have an exercise that might help with the vertical lines I am starting to develop on my neck/chest area. I seem to have them deeper some days if I sleep on my side. Thank you for all your videos.They have been so very helpful over the year in my pursuit to age gracefully.

  24. Hi Peta thank you so much
    Have you worked Peta injection Botox your face seems bright, luminous, younger the cheeks amazing my dear

  25. when i miss 1 or 2 days exercise , what to do?

  26. Thank you you look so pretty!

  27. Wow! I'm so Happy that I found You. I have had a rough 2 years and from my facial expressions from daily pain I have lost my laughing Muscles. This is my second night watching your videos And I have been working aggressively. I know in couple of weeks It won't be as bad when I look in the mirror. Thank you!

  28. can u plz tell some yoga/tips/exercises for healthy n clear skin..pimples free

  29. My dear Peta, lovely to see you again. You look prettier and younger everytime and also this new haircut suits you a lot. thanks once again for all your efforts and innovation as these are showing on my face with regular practise day by day. With lots of love n hugs

  30. Your explanations are very good.Thank you so much!Warm greetings from Gunna

  31. Hi Peta, I just found your videos and they look amazing! I wanted to start as a beginner so am watching your beginners stuff, but when I click on the link for the exercise notes they don't work…Is there somewhere else I can get all the notes? Also, how would I go about organizing a Skype session with you? If you still do that?

  32. Hello Peta, thank you so much for your videos! Your transformation is amazing, I can only hope I will be able to achieve similar results. I so much want these exercises to work for me. My problem area is really down turned corners of my mouth.
    I started Series 1 level 1 three days ago and wonder how often do I do them. How many times per week? For how long do I do 50 reps before increasing to 100. Sincerely, Dee

  33. im my eyes you look younger and and prettier everyday also , your side view ur jawline and chin is so small the look im trying to achieve..ive tried to register for sykpe session as i started to get a deep line from my mouth to my chin was so down heartning really want you to have see if im doing anything wrong i followed exercises correctly so i thought, scared to do more..i stopped and now wrinkle has nearly gone..was doin series 1.1 ..could have been the turkey neck,i could have been tensing too much or gathering forward too much skin towards the chin area…i had no fortune or joy with registering for skype and thankyou for your reply i appritiate that peta i was deeply moved by your kindness X

  34. hi can I do all exercises lying down?

  35. After I feel like I have done the full face work out from the forehead down to the neck long enough. I start to reverse it and do from the neck up to the forehead. I think it changes up the routine and it makes sense too .

  36. Thank you soooo much dear Peta. This really helped. You look younger and prettier every day!

  37. New haircut, Looks wonderful !

  38. 10/9/16Hi Peta,  I am glad you did this video, because , I am having more lines on the sides of my eyebrows too.  I will try your advice, and see if it helps.   Thank you, Peta, for caring, so much.  I will let you know, if this works for me.Carol Smith-Blum

  39. Hi Peta i wrote you my answer in the ticket in your website, let me know about that, se we can set our work at the best 🙂

  40. This is really helpful. I was doing the "no surgery eye lifter" and found that I was wrinkling my forehead. Now I know what i was doing wrong. Thanks alot Peta

  41. hi Peta, i wanted to focus particulary on my nasolabial wrinkles. i do facial exercise everyday but would like to do more for this area. thanks

  42. I love your new hairdo ….you look gorgeous…thank you for the laser lift and the little gift that came with the note…and was lovely talking to you.Ella T.

  43. I have found that watching the videos over and over helps you stay up on all the information. I recently finished the first EAWM series after creating my own exercises for a year. Let me say that working with the series was a better option. I listen to the videos again, it was like seeing them for the first time, new things were being heard and seen. This is a wonderful video Peta. The more that is explained, the better we do out here. Thank you for being so determined, there is a lot of work in what you are doing and I know it is not going unappreciated.
    Keep on keepin on as we say. X

  44. ur sooo patient with ur viewers the fact that u have to explain urself over n over again but its the way you explain like the tone in your voice i sense how lovely a person you are now i know ur not perfect no one is but your never sarcastic or patronising about it you are beautiful inside and well done on what you have achieved with ur over look you've done a great job really good XXx

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