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Facial Yoga / Eye Exercises / Tightening Upper Eyelids

Facial Yoga / Eye Exercises / Tightening Upper Eyelids

I am sharing two main eyelid exercises, a brow shaper, and a forehead lifter to help lifts and optimise the muscles around the eyes called Orbicularis Oculi Muscle. The forhead muscles we are working is called the Fronttalis – but activates around the back of the head. I have added a little massage onto the end just to relax the muscles and tension spots we hold.

I hope these help – i have really upped my count until i feel it and then hold to tire then stop.

Let me know how you go. Do not over pull or cause wrinkles – your eyes are very delicate!

Facial Yoga helps stops the aging face – it reduces the needs of facial surgery keeping your skin looking youthful and beautiful.

I am so fascinated with the facial yoga and will be sharing more techniques.

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